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Sarah Cherlin - Small Machines Full Digital EP

Sarah Cherlin - Small Machines Full Digital EP



Music and Lyrics by Sarah Cherlin and James Seymour

Produced, recorded and mixed by James Seymour

Mastered by William Bowden - King Willy Sound



Sarah Cherlin - Voice and Piano 

James Seymour - Guitar, Bass and Voice

Ella Carstein - Violin (Snapshot)

Natasha Dubler - Cello (Snapshot)

Samantha Latto - Cello (Phone Call)

Sophie Lewis - Cello (Phone Call)

Jimmy Campbell - Drums (Snapshot, Strange Love)

Glynn Powell - Drums (Small Machines, Phone Call)


Additional instruments and sounds - James Seymour and Sarah Cherlin


Photography by Sean Alves, design by Ryder Spankie - The Creative Trade

Special thanks to Catherine Cherlin and Scarlett Franks

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